General terms and conditions of use


The personal data policy adopted by Bell & Ross can be accessed from the Bell & Ross site (hereinafter, the "Site") by clicking the Personal Data link.

Unless there is a provision to the contrary, this personal data policy adopted by Bell & Ross is applicable to the Website

You expressly recognize and accept that personal data relating to you is gathered on the Site.


This document details the way in which Bell & Ross uses and gathers your personal data and informs you of the measures taken by Bell & Ross to ensure the protection of your personal data as part of your use of the Site in accordance with the provisions of the law no.78-17 dated 6th January 1978 relating to Data, Files and Protection (hereinafter, the "Data Protection Act"), as modified by the provisions of the law no. 2004-801 dated 6th August 2004 relating to the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data.

Bell & Ross protects the privacy of its Internet users by observing the current applicable regulations. Bell & Ross, as the body in charge of processing, has therefore notified the National Commission for Data Protection (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, hereinafter "CNIL") that it will gather and process your personal data.

2.1 Gathering of data

Personal data

Bell & Ross is liable to gather your personal data, specifically via the "contact" section, when signing up for the electronic Newsletter offered by Bell & Ross, when making a contact request or when creating your customer account in the BELL & ROSS Online Boutique.

"Personal data" refers to the information relating to you as an individual that you communicate of your own free will when completing a form found on the Site, or which Bell & Ross gathers when you browse the Site and which, regardless of its nature, enables you to be directly or indirectly identified. Personal data refers to nominative data (such as your name, address or photographs that you have provided) and electronic identification data available on or from your computer (such as cookies or IP addresses). Your electronic identification data enables the terminal used for Internet access to be identified or geo located or the pages consulted on the Site during your browsing history to be identified, and are not generally sufficient by themselves to identify you personally.

Furthermore, to combat counterfeiting, Bell & Ross has put automated processing systems in place, which gather information relating to companies or people who have committed or are likely to commit acts in violation of its rights. This information is available to any company legally using the BELL & ROSS trademarks, in France or abroad, which has been victim of these violations, to enable them to act or take any measures necessary to safeguard their rights.

Adobe Flash Player™ Flash© cookies

Adobe Flash Player™ is a computer application that enables dynamic content to be developed very quickly using the Flash computer language. Flash (and applications of the same type) store the parameters, preferences and use of this content, using similar technology to cookies. However, Adobe Flash Player™ manages this information and your choices via a different interface to that provided by your browser software.

Provided that your terminal is able to display content developed with Flash, we invite you to access your Flash cookie management tools directly from the site

RSS feed

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is produced automatically as updates are made to a specific website. Bell & Ross has an option for you sign up to the RSS feeds, which will enable you to keep up-to-date with the articles published on the " " site. The feed is automatically updated or can be updated by manually refreshing your web browser or messenger program, depending on the options chosen when you sign up for this service.

You can unsubscribe from the RSS feed at any time by deleting it from your browser and/or your messaging program. These RSS feeds do not enable Bell & Ross to obtain any information about you. For technical reasons, Bell & Ross only knows how many people have signed up for its RSS feed.

The information that you communicate on the Site enables Bell & Ross to:

  • Deal with your questions or requests for information.
  • Measure the audience of the Site.
  • Send you publicity or marketing messages, provided that you have given permission for us to do so.
  • Send you the Newsletter, if you have signed up to receive this.
  • Send you catalogues.
  • Give you information on Bell & Ross products.
  • Inform you of events organized by Bell & Ross.
  • Allow you to take part in surveys.
  • Enable you to follow the Site and its updates.

An asterisk in the various pages of the Site denotes the information that is essential in enabling Bell & Ross to fulfill the tasks set out above. The other information is optional in nature, and enables us to find out more about you and improve the communications and services that we provide to you. The information gathered by Bell & Ross is specifically your surname, first name(s), postal address, e-mail address, date of birth and telephone number.

2.3 Retention of data

Bell & Ross may be required to retain your personal data for a period that shall not exceed ten years from the date of last contact. The cookies used to analyze the frequency of visits to the Site are retained for six months.


A cookie does not enable you to be identified; it simply records information relating to (i) your computer's browsing history on the Site (the pages that you have consulted, the date and time these were consulted, etc.) that Bell & Ross will be able to read during your subsequent visits or (ii) the number of times our advertising content or that of third-party sites or applications has been displayed or (iii) the opening and reading of electronic communications that Bell & Ross may have sent to you, with your agreement.

Bell & Ross may gather information by placing a cookie or a web tag on your computer via the Site or count the clicks on elements that Bell & Ross sends to you. Bell & Ross uses these to store choices and login or identification information during the visit to an online service. Depending on the configuration options made on your terminal, that you might edit at any time, the cookies that Bell & Ross places from the Site enable the following:

  • To determine statistics and the frequency of visits and use of the various elements forming the Site (sections and content visits, browsing), thereby enabling the interest and ergonomics of the services provided to you to be improved.
  • To provide you with services and navigation adapted to your needs.
  • To count clicks on an element of an online service.

It is likely that Bell & Ross will purchase advertising space to promote its products, via advertising content published on third-party sites or applications, which may contain a cookie. Subject to the configuration options made on your terminal that you may edit at any time this cookie may be saved in your terminal in order to:

  • Count the number of times our advertising content has been displayed or activated on third-party sites or applications, identify this content and these sites or applications, determine the number of users who have clicked on each content.
  • Create statistics.

Bell & Ross would also like to inform you that you can prevent cookies being saved by configuring your browser as follows:

  • For Mozilla Firefox: Select the "Tools" menu, then "Options", and select your preferred options in the "History" section.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and later: Select the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options", click the "Privacy" tab, and select the required level using the cursor.
  • For Opera 6.0 and later: Select the "File" menu, "Preferences ", "Privacy" and select your preferred options.
  • For Safari: In the Safari menu, select "Preferences ", "Security" and select your preferred options


Bell & Ross is the only recipient of the data gathered.

  • Bell & Ross will only pass your personal data on to a third party when: you have given us your prior approval to share this information (for example, for a special promotional event).
  • Bell & Ross must share this information with its distributors, services providers and, specifically, its technical service providers, in order to provide the service that you have requested (for example, to send a Newsletter).
  • Bell & Ross receives a request from a legal authority, or any administrative authority authorized by the law, requesting that this information is passed on in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Bell & Ross will do its utmost to ensure that the personal data gathered remain confidential and secure when sent to the persons cited above.

If you wish to pass on information about a BELL & ROSS branded product to a friend using the "Share" function made available on the Site, the data that you enter will only be used to send your message and will not be used for any other purposes, nor will BELL & ROSS keep them. Moreover, you alone are responsible for the message that you create to be sent to a friend using this function.


Bell & Ross requests that you do not send unsolicited content, such as commercial information, advertising, personal creations, ideas, concepts, etc. Content must only be sent via a questionnaire or other data gathering forms.

When voluntarily sending your own personal data, in particular when this includes multimedia content (photographs, videos, etc.), you agree to communicate accurate information and not to damage the interest or rights of third parties in any way.


Bell & Ross will do its utmost to protect your personal data against damage, loss, misappropriation, intrusion, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

The Bell & Ross computer systems are subject to physical and software protection in accordance with best industry practice. Physical and electronic procedures for backing up the data gathered on the Site are implemented, in accordance with current French legislation relating to data protection.

Staff at Bell & Ross who, by virtue of their role, would have access to your personal data undertakes to uphold the strictest confidentiality in this respect. However, Bell & Ross cannot control all of the risks linked to the Internet and its use, and would draw your attention to the existence of potential risks such as occasional loss of data or breaches of confidentiality of the data transmitted via this network. The information provided on the Site may be interrupted due to force majeure events or events beyond the control of Bell & Ross or deeds for which Bell & Ross cannot be held liable.


7.1 Right to access, alter, rectify, oppose and withdraw

You have a general right to access, alter, rectify, oppose and withdraw data, which relates to you.

You can exercise this right by sending your request to our Customer Relations Service. By letter: by writing to BELL & ROSS, 8 rue Copernic, 75116 Paris, France, or by e-mail: by completing the Contact us form or by telephone: by calling BELL & ROSS on +33 (0) 1 73 73 93 00, Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 19:00.

To enable us to fulfill this request, you must provide us with the following identification details: surname, first name, e-mail and your postal address, if applicable.

For any questions or comments relating to the Personal Data Policy or the way in which Bell & Ross gathers and uses the data relating to you, you can contact the Customer Relations Service using the same methods.